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Berry Berry Sweet Body Lotion

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-Herbal fermentation

-High-moisturizing body lotion

Body lotion containing natural moisturizing extracts discovered from the Amazon

Berry Berry Sweet Body Lotion for the moist relaxation of body skin has completed the clinical demonstration of skin moisturizing improvement effect. It is an intensive moisturizing body solution which protects the dry skin moistly. Even after taking a shower, it remains the moistness to your body without dryness, and the neat texture penetrates into skin to elaborate a smooth skin texture without stickiness. It contains a large quantity of vegetable oils such as Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and so on to make the skin soft, and strengthens the moisturizing film to help maintaining elasticity. It also gives a refreshing feeling to you with the Acai Berry scent being sustained all day long.