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Homme Innofect Control Foam Cleanser

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-Neat cleansing exclusively for men

-Clean daily foam cleanser

The cleanser for men

Homme Innofect Control Foam Cleanser controls keratin and sebum, and removes the waste matters cleanly with the rich bubbles. It is a pure foam cleanser which soothes and rehydrates the skin of men who have a considerable amount of sebum. By the ingredients and texture suitable for men, now you can start to manage your handsome skin with The Skin House Homme Innofect Line exclusively for men! Men have more sebum but lesser moisture than women that makes their skin rough and dry, however if they manage their skin carefully with cosmetics exclusively for men, they can maintain an elastic skin. This deep cleanser controls the oil of skin which is the cause of troubled skin to elaborate a clean and smooth skin, and the Phaseolus Radiatus Seed Extract and the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract supply enough moisture to the skin for maintaining moistness. It has a mild and fresh scent with the white creamy-pearl texture that is soft and smooth.