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Homme Innofect Control Lotion

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-The lotion exclusively for Men’s care

-Controlling sebum

The lotion for man

End the agony of oily skin! Homme Innofect Control Lotion has a clean texture and moisturizes the men’s skin. You can be free from sebum and wide pores by this lotion controlling the balance between oil and moisture of skin, and you also can feel the synergy effect by using Control Skin together. By the ingredients and texture suitable for men, now you can start to manage your handsome skin with The Skin House Homme Innofect Line exclusively for men! Men have more sebum but lesser moisture than women that makes their skin rough and dry, however if they manage their skin carefully with cosmetics exclusively for men, they can maintain an elastic skin. This lotion soothes the sensitive skin irritated by the stimulus or stress, and removes the sebum and waste matters to make the skin lively and refreshed. It also controls oil and provides moisture to make the skin healthy and elastic.