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Aloe Soothing Balm

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-Premium aloe!

-The essential moisturizing cream for the winter season that penetrates into the skin moistly

Moisture & Nutrition-supplying cream

Aloe Soothing Balm is a rehydrating soothing balm which has completed the clinical demonstration of the rehydration ability to the skin and the test for non-stimulation. It protects the sensitive skin by only leaving the moisture to make a moist luster on the skin as full of moisture. It also forms the moisture protective film which minimizes the moisture loss and absorbs the nutrition quickly. If the moisture film is formed on the rough skin with keratin, it reduces the moisture loss and helps to absorb the nutrition, to sooth the damaged skin so that you can meet with an elastic, bright and moist skin. This protective rehydrating cream that contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract cares and protects the external environment-worn and sensitive skin, and can be used to all skin type, especially effective for the soothing care of the oily or sensitive skin to improve the health of skin by providing nutrition and moisture. Furthermore, it penetrates deeply into the skin to balance between oil and moisture of the whole skin and control keratin.

Usage TIP!

1. A substitute for serumIt can be used in place of serum for the oily skin or someone who wants to have a light makeup. After cleansing, use the toner to smooth the skin texture and at the serum step apply an adequate amount of it as massaging lightly to be absorbed.

2. A primary moisturizing pack When your skin became sensitive and red by the ultraviolet rays or external stimulus, after using the toner to smooth the skin texture apply it thickly for 15~20 minutes and then remove it by lukewarm water or wet sponge.