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Aloe Vera Moisture Emulsion

Description specification How to use?

-Hypoallergenic lotion of aloe line

-Containing mild vegetable aloe

Rehydrating/soothing + dual functional aloe vera emulsion

Aloe Vera Moisture Emulsion doesn’t contain any artificial colors or alcohol that is suitable for all skin type. It is certified for its whitening and anti-wrinkle functions from the Korea Food and Drug Administration, and you can feel the mild and fresh moisturizing feeling by this emulsion. By the 32 years of research from Noksibcho Pharmaceutical Central Research Center, the vegetable aloe mucin line extracted from the nature has been released! Do you think that the aloe cosmetics are only for moisturizing and soothing care? No! Feel the moist and elastic skin with this aloe ingredient available for 4 seasons. Give your skin a neat aloe care in all seasons by the aloe mucin unveiled by Noksibcho specializing in aloe. The cosmetics of Noksibcho with its 32 years of know-how and scientific fruition, is differentiated by its absorption and rehydration ability, sustaining power and functions. The mild emulsion which is the soothing care solution for sensitive skin provides moisture and smoothes the skin texture. It has an excellent sustaining power of moisture and helps the dark and loosed skin to be white and elastic by maintaining the skin moist and healthy. The specialty of aloe mucin ingredient contained in The Skin House aloe line is that it protects the skin from the external environment by the sticky texture of the mucin protective film wrapping the aloe gel. It also doesn’t irritate the skin and with the strong moisturizing function, this emulsion replenishes the insufficient moisture and eventually protects the skin by forming the moisture protective film which makes the functions of skin work together organically.

Aloe Miracle Effect

Mucin of Aloe Vera mainly contains polysaccharide, and mucinous polysaccharide is an important component in prevention of aging cell. Mucin is found in human muscle and gastrointestinal mucosa, so that tissue in full of elasticity. Lack of fluid, muscles and mucous membranes will lose their elasticity and become stiff and old. Lack of mucin, cells will gradually become weak and lose their resistance against bacteria and viruses.