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Wrinkle Snail System Cream

Description specification How to use?

-Supersized-snail cream

-Make your skin elastic and finely tight

Wrinkle Snail System Cream is a supersized-snail restoring cream which is a bestseller, largely by word of mouth. It contains Adenosine and Snail Secretion Filtrate that manage the regenerative capacity of skin which gets worse gradually by aging. It is also certified for its anti-wrinkle function from the Korea Food and Drug Administration, and All Kills the skin which is deprived of elasticity. This anti-wrinkle snail cream makes the wrinkled and drooped skin to be tight and elastic, and is a trouble-solving broker for complex skin troubles. Furthermore, it makes the dry and loose skin to be moist and glossy for 24 hours. Start to control your skin aging with this high-nutrient snail cream!

You can use Wrinkle Snail System Cream by 3 ways.

- As a finishing cream Before going to bed, at the last step of the basic skin care, apply an adequate amount and tap it lightly to be absorbed.

- As a massage gel for sensitive skin When your skin become sensitive by the external stimulus, use toner to smooth the skin texture, and apply the snail cream thickly, then massage it softly.

- As a moisturizing & nourishing pack Use toner to smooth the skin texture and apply the snail cream thickly, then leave it alone for 15~20 minutes, and then rinse off.