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Wrinkle System Eye Cream

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-Certified for its anti-wrinkle function

-Making the skin around your eyes tight for the winter season!

High elasticity eye cream for wrinkle care

Wrinkle System Eye Cream containing collagen patent composite is certified for its anti-wrinkle function from the Korea Food and Drug Administration, and pluses elasticity to the skin around your eyes to be hard and moist. It contains collagen which is one of the 3 ingredients composing skin that elaborates tight skin and Adenosine which has the anti-wrinkle effect that makes your skin elastic and sleek. It also cares the 5 kinds of phenomena of aging which are wrinkles, elasticity lowering, fall of skin density, decline of brightness and drooped pores to elaborate young and healthy skin. This highly concentrated anti-aging and high-nutrient eye cream is a precondition for baby-faced skin to out the fine wrinkles and dark circles.