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Rose Water Mist

Description specification How to use?

-Rehydrating the dry skin at the winter season!

-Containing 55% of rose water

Quick moisture recharging mist for a moist skin all day long

Rose Water Mist provides clear moisture to the dry skin simply and easily by the minute spraying ability to make the skin lively and the subtle rose scent refreshes your mood. It can be used in place of the toner, and the light and delicate moisture particle is sprayed evenly to the dry and sensitive skin to supply moisture instantly and maintain the moist skin for a long time.

Usage TIP!

1. Just after cleansing, when you feel your skin is dry

2. When you want to sooth the tired and stressed skin

3. When you want to rehydrate your skin in the dry indoors with air conditioner and heater

4. When you want to smooth the bloated skin and maintain makeup while retouching it

5. As a makeup starter, in the intervals of applying BB cream