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Volcanic Water Mineral Serum

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-Moisturizing Serum

-For the moist, vital and water light skin

Volcanic serum for recharging moisture

Volcanic Water Mineral Serum forms a moisture protective film to maintain healthy glow and make your skin soft. You can feel the moist feeling as soon as applying it. The volcanic water from the Jeju Island contained in Volcanic Water Mineral Serum, is the natural-filtered water by the volcanic rock of the Jeju Island where the UNESCO has appointed as the world heritage of nature. All sorts of impurities of volcanic water are eliminated perfectly through several tens of basaltic measures formed by volcanic activities, and it is rich of nutrition with natural minerals. This content is 10~50 times more than common purified water, and also 2~3 times more than the water from famous spa such as Onyang and Asan. This nutritional volcanic water from the Jeju Island delivers plentiful moisture to skin that makes skin moist, and by containing Collagen and Snail Secretion Filtrate ingredients it gives elasticity to skin for a tight and smooth skin. So you can get moisture and nutrition at once! It is also a serum helping to appease the skin’s thirst of moisture by its watery texture containing full of moisture soaked into skin wholly. Give a moisture bomb to dry skin in order to have a moist water light skin.