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Natural Balancing Emulsion

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-The lotion for balancing between oil and moisture

-Moisturizing lotion

Nutritive lotion for oily skin lack of moisture

Natural Balancing Emulsion provides moisture and balances between oil and moisture of your skin. You can feel the fresh texture when applying it and it is a highly concentrated emulsion effective for both sexes to have a moist and healthy skin by filling elasticity and restoring moisture inside of skin. It not only supplies nutrition and arranges keratin on your skin, but also soothes and constringes pores of your skin. This highly concentrated moisturizing emulsion cares the excessive secretion of sebum and helps to form the skin moisture film for maintaining smooth skin texture and improving the pliability of skin to make it soft. It also helps to soothe the skin irritation and stress for maintaining healthy skin and protects the skin lack of moisture. By using this emulsion, you can make a natural balancing habit everyday for maintaining your skin health.