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Shiny Crystal Peeling Gel

Description specification How to use?

-Make a smooth skin by removing keratin!

-Soft keratin cleaner

New concept peeling gel

Shiny Crystal Peeling Gel removes the unnecessary old keratin cleanly and softly without irritating it, and supplies enough moisture to elaborate a moist and smooth skin texture. It is a hypo-allergenic soft gel type texture which you don’t need to rub it on your skin irritatingly, so that it can be used safely to the weak skin. It also absorbs keratin and blackheads hidden in the pores that make the skin dark to elaborate a sleek skin texture, and the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract soothes the sensitive skin after removing keratin with the moisturizing effect. Make the rough skin due to old keratin smooth by Shiny Crystal Peeling Gel!